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"Dr. Lee is very knowledgeable in Chinese medicine on both a theoretical and practical level. She is insightful, informed, intuitive, inventive and happy to share exactly what approach she is taking at any given time and the theory behind it. An appointment with Dr. Stephanie begins with discussion and examination followed by needling and then gentle massage. It is a very pleasant and effective experience. I have found that my health and well-being have improved as a result of my contact with Dr. Stephanie and highly recommend that if you’ve ever thought about trying acupuncture, she is the practitioner you’ve been waiting for."  – TL

"I have been a patient of Dr. Stephanie’s for low back pain. She has not only helped improve my back pain, but has also helped me by offering many great ideas to improve my diet and exercise, which results in less pain. Stephanie is a very caring and understanding doctor. She listens to all your concerns and does her best to make you feel your absolute best." - WV


"Stephanie has treated me for years and I owe my running life to her. When I first started seeing her, running injuries such as iliotibial band syndrome among others had cut me down from marathons to barely being able to jog a slow mile. By receiving her treatments and following her lifestyle instructions, I've now run 5 more marathons, 3 Half Ironmans, one full Ironman, and countless shorter races. Needless to say, Stephanie's work has changed my life!" - SL

"From our first visit, Stephanie has listened attentively to every different ailment that comes along with being a New Yorker, in addition to keeping my overarching purpose in mind. Every week, she goes above and beyond to reduce stress and pain, and I’m so thankful for her. Highly recommend." – KB

"I was experiencing severe jaw pain and Stephanie worked her healing powers on my neck and jaw. The chi was flowing beautifully! The next day, the pain was gone." – DB

"Stephanie is the best! Super helpful for lower back pain." – NM

"I saw Stephanie for an acupuncture session to help induce labor as I was 3 days over. Stephanie was very friendly and approachable and talked me through what she was planning to do. She also ensured I was comfortable given my heavily pregnant state and I came away from the treatment feeling revitalized and energized and also relaxed." – SC

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