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Moxibustion is the burning of the processed form of the mugwort plant. This plant is dried, processed and comes in different therapeutic forms. Once it is dried and processed, it is called moxa. It is used as a warming therapy as the mugwort plant inherently contains a very warm energetic quality. Therefore, it is often used in cases where there is weakness and fatigue.The moxa is set on fire and emits a warm, fragrant, herbal smoke that is therapeutic and strengthening to the body.


There are several different variations of moxibustion. One version is stick moxa, in which the dried mugwort is packaged into a large stick that is set on fire and burned. The stick is placed closed to the body, but is never placed directly on the skin.


Another version is cone moxa, which have an adhesive base that is applied directly on the skin. The base contains an outlet in which the smoke escapes, cascading onto the skin. This method is more direct and warming as the small cone sits directly on the skin, without burning the skin.


A third method is needle moxa, which involves rolling raw moxa into a small bead and attaching it to the top of the acupuncture needle. Once set on fire, the moxa warms the needle and this heat is conducted through the needle and penetrates the body. Moxibustion is a supplement to acupuncture and is a relaxing and nourishing therapy.

If you are wondering whether moxibustion can help treat your condition, contact us for a free phone consultation.

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